About Me

James learned to surf at the age of six and shared his passion for the sport by teaching many of his friends. He has surfed various breaks in Australia, Bali, Costa Rica, Thailand, California and, of course, Hawaii! It is in Hawaii that James began teaching surfing professionally in 1975.

He later returned to his native California to broaden his instructional techniques. In the early 90’s James added skiing instruction certification to his many qualifications. As a result of this training, he began applying “progressions” and “movement analysis” techniques to the teaching of surfing.

This has enabled him to better assist students at all levels of surfing. James now teaches in Pacific Beach, San Diego at Tourmaline Surfing Park. James considers himself fortunate to have his “work” also be his passion and he invites you to join him in nature’s most beautiful office “the beach” as you, too, learn to ride the waves!