Luminate at the Broadway Bomb – Full Wrap Up

Surf Trip / Saturday, March 9th, 2019

The Broadway Bomb is an 8 mile skateboard race down Broadway in New York City.  Being an unofficial event, the race goes right through traffic, pedestrians, Times Square, etc.   This year’s Bomb was a blast, with a heavy Luminate influence. The Luminate team dawned their custom Broadway Bomb teeshirts a full 24 hours in advance in order to start painting and putting together boards for the race.   A few packed pickup trucks headed south and were right on time for a noon start.

After dodging traffic and finishing the race, the crew headed straight to the bar to go bottoms up on a few pitchers of Miller High Life.   A brief power nap in the park allowed the skate/dance team to head out on the town for the rest of the night.  Check out the photos below, and order a teeshirt here if you’d like. Tee shirt orders will be taken this week only, and will ship next week.

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